Alibi Cocktails

Every Good Cocktail has a Story

Every Good Cocktail has a Story.

Overlooking the Alibi Boulavardier on a hot summers night, sat a young man with his Main Squeeze amongst the Capri Madness.

He orders a Taitini for her and an Aper Ale for himself to combat the stifling heat. As a Mockingbird sings in the background, a Kissing Geisha strolls by selling roses, he buys one from her and hands it to his love and leans in for a Petit-Bisou. They decide to confront each other about the white elephant in the room, in that

Beyond Bond, he struggles with the fact she is an Aristocrat and that in terms of wealth, she is the Golden Standard in which he has or is neither. A Mexican Standoff erupts between them, and things escalate to the point that one is left without life and the other with Envy, the Deadly Sin #4. The Nectar of the Gods never tasted so good he screams out!

But then again, A Gentleman Never Tells to maintain his Alibi…

by Melissa Geiring
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