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The Gentleman that Never Tells was on a One Way Ticket to Budapest to propose to his girlfriend. However, he was hoping for one more Secret Affair with a Kissing Geisha before he settled down. He wanted someone sensual, Naked and Naughty. After checking into the hotel, he headed down to the bar. While sipping on his Beyond Bond, he glances over and spots the perfect woman with that X-Factor he was looking for. He calls over the barkeep and said, I’ll have “what she having?” The barkeeps looks over to the woman and back to the gentleman and says “ Fuhgeddaboudit she’s trouble! Ignoring the barkeeps warning, he waltzes over to her and asks if he can interest her in a Jinx Martini or a Main Street Spritz ? While getting to know her, and after having a few drinks, he entices her to follow him back to his room to find The Captain’s Treasure. Once satisfied, he dozes off to sleep, she quietly slips out of bed and quickly rummages through his belongings. She discovers a Ruby Baby ring. She slips it into her bra and heads out the door. The next morning, the gentleman realizes he was robbed! He rushed downstairs to the bar to see if the barkeep can identify the woman from the night before. The barkeep sees the gentleman’s look of anguish and replies Maggie Did It!

by Melissa Geiring

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